ART is free for everyone – a form of education and a necessary function in our society.

ART is a very distinct way of communicating. A sophisticated language, which can be explicit or complex… It disturbs and challenges your worldview so that you look at the world differently.

Impressively, art and design are able to reach a wide variety of audiences — from old to young, from woman to man, from businessman to student. Art has a very relevant impact and influence on our daily life and culture.

Each year, many brands spend millions on advertising and media. They also write big checks to non-profit organizations to gain and maintain a favorable position in the eyes of the community, as well as to save on taxes.

So why not commission artists to create projects that speak about a company or product while engaging the community? Or, why not take a more direct hand in creating programs that will have a positive impact on the community?

My projects aim to find and exhibit new art forms – combining art, design and social responsibility while offering a creation of art installation events, and platforms capable of generating provocative thought and conversation.

Let the people be the media.


My Latest Work